CBD Sleep Oil (no box)
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    CBD Sleep Oil (no box)

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    ** Product without outer box **

    Hempati Sleep CBD + MCT Oil is a Full Spectrum oil that contains around 10% CBD in its composition and is ideal for people who have problems sleeping or anxiety.

    Each bottle contains 10ml of high-quality CBD oil, extracted from the organically grown cannabis plant.

    Thanks to the CO2 extraction method, only the best parts of the plant are extracted. The final product is a transparent Full Spectrum oil, rich in terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids and minerals.

    Store in a cool, dry place.

    What is full spectrum CBD oil?
    Full spectrum means that all 113 cannabinoids in the plant are fully extracted from the plant during the extraction process, and that the entire plant is used in the extraction.
    Full-spectrum oils are the most famous in the range of CBD-derived products as the medicinal effects of cannabis are enhanced when the entire plant is used, as opposed to isolating just the CBD or THC.

    What is MCT Oil?
    MCT is short for "medium-chain triglycerides" and is often used as a health supplement. It is a natural oil, typically derived from coconut oil or palm oil and is the perfect combination of CBD oils.
    Since the human body has some difficulty absorbing the nutrients from isolated CBD, there needs to be a conductor that facilitates the absorption of the oil into the bloodstream, which in this case is MCT.
    Basically, MCT oil, which is a natural oil, facilitates the digestion of CBD oil and its integration into the bloodstream.

    What is the ideal dosage?
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    Type : Full Spectrum CBD Oil
    Ingredients : MCT Coconut Oil 9.36% CBD + 0.3% CBG
    Quantity : 10ml
    Brand : Hempati
    CBD : 1000mg CBD (10%)
    CBG : 0.3%
    THC : < 0.01%
    Extraction method : CO2

    100% organic

    Laboratory Certificate


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    José Leão

    O produto é bom, o envio foi super rápido e preços muito acessíveis.