Askip Berries - Disposable CBD Vape (400 Puffs)
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askip vape descartavel cbd
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    Askip Berries - Disposable CBD Vape (400 Puffs)

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    Sweet and smooth flavors and aromas, characteristic of flowers with little bitterness.
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    Askip Berries is a disposable electronic CBD vaporizer with raspberry and blueberry flavors . This model contains a dose of 4% CBD and lasts for 400 puffs , perfect for consumers just starting out in the world of CBD.

    Our Askip vapes do not contain THC or nicotine, which means you can enjoy this product with complete peace of mind, without fear of any psychotropic effects or risk of addiction.

    Advantages of Askip Disposable Vape

    With Askip's Disposable CBD Vape you can enjoy CBD anytime and anywhere, as its format is small and compact, perfect for carrying in your pants or coat pocket.

    Each Askip disposable e-cigarette delivers approximately 400 puffs (1.3 ml). Free of THC and 4% CBD per 1ml of e-liquid.

    Product : Askip Berries
    CBD : ~4%
    THC : 0%